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Quest E. nesemannii

Though Euphorbia nesemannii is not a spectacular species. It belongs in a taxonomically very difficult group of species:
the group key 16 according to White, Dyer and Sloane.
It has several interesting charactistics as you look closer at it. Contrary to most or all other species in this group E. nesemannii is quite difficult and slow growing in cultivation and thus rarely encountered. It has also the most western natural distribution in this group: its typelocality is Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa. In picture 1 is a clone I grow as E. nesemannii from unknown origin. Does someone grow plants with good locality-data of E. nesemannii?

During a visit at the beautiful collection of Jan Nosek in Prague I saw plants, originally coming from the vicinity of Montagu. These plants looked quite different in having large hairy persistent leaves. On closer investigation this might prove to be a new taxa. Can anyone supply me with more information on this find? Are there more localities with the same or related populations?

euphorbia nesemannii

Picture 1
E. nesemannii
Unknown locality-data

euphorbia nesemannii montagu

Picture 2
E. nesemannii
Jan Nosek, Prague
Vicinity of Montagu
They have large hairy persistent leaves


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